WPS-Maker 2 - create welding procedure specifications easier than ever

WPS Maker makes the design of a welding procedure specification as easy as possible.

WPS Maker is software for the design of Welding Procedure Qualifications (WPS). The joint details are created from the weld dimensions automatically and are true to scale.The weld build-up may be designed in any possible way and the input of base metals, filler metals, shielding gases and tungsten electrodes is supported by data bases.

The following seam types can be drawn dynamically:

  • Butt weld
  • Fillet weld
  • Corner weld
  • Overlap weld
  • Flanged weld

Dynamic drawing means that a to-scale joint detail is created according to the entered dimensions. This makes it possible to detect false entries immediately and may be corrected afoot. The generated joint detail is the foundation for the weld build-up, which may be designed afterwards.

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WPS-Maker 2 - create welding procedure specifications easier than ever


  • Weld sketches are generated automatically from the dimensions. Just by entering plate thickness, joint type, angle, gap etc. a to-scale drawing is generated.
  • Operation is just as easy as with modern office software with WYSIWYG support
  • Own base-, and filler materials as well as shielding gases may be stored.
  • The WPS is stored in a file and can be sent by email or stored on a file server
  • More than 1.200 base materials are included in the database.
  • Predesignes WPS are installed and can be used rigth away
  • An own logo can be used
  • Also the weld buildup can be drawn individually and to scale.
  • Each WPS can contain as many passes and welding processes as required
  • An integrated CAD-Editor allows for the variation of the autogenerated images and also to make own images from scratch.
  • WPS Maker 2.1 comes with 15 languages now: English, German, Croatian, Bosnian, Czech, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish.
  • Localization: distinguish between document language and application language
  • Native PDF export (improved rendering of lines)
  • Heat input can be user defined
  • Font size for dimensioning in joint design can be set (document settings)
  • Logo can be removed (document settings)
  • Optional border and dark background for edit fields (default settings)

Welding processes supported by WPS-Maker 2

  • 111 Manual metal arc welding
  • 141 Tungsten inert gas welding
  • 142 Autogenous TIG welding
  • 143 TIG welding with tubular cored filler material (wire/rod)
  • 145 TIG welding using reducing gas and solid filler material (wire/rod)
  • 146 TIG welding using reducing gas and tubular cored filler material (wire/rod)
  • 147 Gas-shielded arc welding with non-consumable tungsten electrode using active gas (TAG welding)
  • 131 Metal inert gas welding
  • 135 Metall active gas welding
  • 136 Tubular cored welding with active gas shield
  • 138 MAG welding with metal cored electrode
  • 121 Submerged arc welding with one wire electrode
  • 122 Submerged arc welding with strip electrode
  • 123 Submerged arc welding with multiple wire electrodes
  • 124 Submerged arc welding with metal powder addition
  • 125 Submerged arc welding with tubular cored wire
  • 311 Oxy/acetylene welding
  • 312 Oxypropane welding
  • 313 Oxyhydrogen welding
  • 114 Self shielded tubular-cored arc welding
  • 72 Electroslag welding
  • 15 Plasma arc welding
  • 151 Plasma MIG welding
  • 153 Plasma welding with transferred arc
  • 154 Plasma arc welding with non-transferred arc
  • 155 Plasma arc welding with semi-transferred arc

Prefabricated WPS

For WPS Maker prefabricated WPS are available. For many joint types, materials, processes and welding positions these may be used with small modifications. Totally more than 60 different WPS for steel, stainless steel and aluminum are included.

System requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • CPU min. 1GHz; min. 128 MB RAM; min. 150MB free hard disk

License conditions

  • WPS Maker 2 must be activated by internet or manually
  • One license authorizes for five-time installation on different hardware
  • Upgrades within the major version are free of charge


WPS Maker 2 is sold as follows:

  • Euro 149,- plus VAT for the full version by internet download

You can buy it against invoice - see bottom of page,

or you can buy it and pay by Paypal.

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