Pulley for straight welds

Wire from drums with alloys of the 5000 series is preformed sinusoidal. In mechanized welding this may lead to inaccurate positioning of the wire and specifically when small weld cross sections are welded with large wire diameters (eg a4 fillet weld with 1.6mm wire diameter).

In this case, the pulley is used. This plastically deforms the wire electrode and thus the wire is pre-bent always in the same direction.The pulley is delivered with a quick coupling, which provides a 1/4" male thread for connection to the conduit. Attachment to the drum hood is included.

The pull-out forces are substantial, and as follows:

  • ML 5087, ML 5183, ML 5356 1,2mm: 9 N
  • ML 5087, ML 5183, ML 5356 1,6mm: 25 N

Pulley ULR-3

The pulley ULR-3 has the wire exit to the top. It requires a lower force than the ULR-2.

Reference table

DesignationItem numberWeight [kg]Qty in stock
Pulley ULR-2 10,10,6,00010.857
Pulley ULR-3 10,10,6,00020.856