Rolliner NG - the second generation

ROLLINER NG is the second generation of a completely new approach to wire feeding, already. Away from friction in liners, away from abrasion, from fluctuating feeding and from unnecessary maintenance. With ROLLINER feeding occurs through rolls only, shifted by 90° - without any sliding friction. ROLLINER NG has a reduced diameter of 20mm only and may be shortened or lengthened easily – without any tools. The maximum bending radius is 120 mm only and the weight was substantially reduced – ideal for highly dynamic movements.


  • Connecting bulk-wire systems to the wire-feeder
  • Connecting wire-feeders to welding guns


  • No abrasion due to extremely small forces on the wire
  • Reduced cost due to the reduction to one wire drive only, and no maintenance necessary
  • Stable arc due to precise wire feeding
  • Simplified setup of welding systems due to more freedom in situating the bulk-wire system

Technical data

Outside diameter 20 mm
Weight/meter 150 Gramm
Min. bending radius for wire inching 150 mm
Min. bending radius 120 mm
Maximum torsion 180°/Meter
Max. inner diameter 2mm (wire 1,6)
Recommended wire diameter 0,6-1,2 mm
Length per packaging unit 25 m Rolle
Coefficient of friction 0,08

Possible applications


Connector ENG-20S and strain relief RES20

This combination is recommended for a short length only (up to 3m of total length)

Connector ENG-20S, protective hose PA-12 and adapter RPA12

For applications with robotic systems, very fast movements and extreme bending the Rolliner NG may be additionally protected with a cover hose made from PA 12. Brackets and wear rings are available as shown on the image. 

Usually the protection is required in the area of extreme movements only. The outside diameter is 28.5mm.

For a complete conduit it requires Rolliner NG (10,30,1,0100), the connector ROLLINER NG - ENG 20S (10,30,1,0016), the protective hose PA12 (10,30,1,0007) and the adapter RPA12 (10,30,1,0018).

This is the standard setup for a total length of more than 3 m.

Special bend protection PMF-20 for confined spaces

Applications requiring that the Rolliner NG is connected directly to the welding torch or other confined spaces occur, often need a very small bend radius. In such cases it frequently occurs that the minimum bend radius falls short or the Rolliner even breaks. For such applications a special-bend protection was developed. This assures that the minium radius is maintained and damage is prevented. 

The special bend protection PMF20 is connected by the adapter ENG20S.

The special bend protection PMF20 can be used together with the protective hose PA12 in connection with the adapter RPA12M.

Elbow pipe CD-90

The elbow pipe CD90 consists of a sturdy aluminum tube and serves as a strain relief for the Rolliner NG. This can for example be used to avoid the minimum bending radius when connecting to a drum.

Subsequently, the transition to the protection PA12 hose with the adapter RPA12M is possible.

Hose holder and accessories

For the Rolliner NG, as well as the protective hose PA12 suitable brackets and wear rings are offered.

Reference table

DesignationItem numberWeight [kg]Qty in stock
Wall bracket for Rolliner NG SNG20 10,30,1,00060.02165
Protective hose PA12AD285 10,30,1,00070.1639
Wear ring for protective hose PA12AD285 10,30,1,00090.0234
Wall bracket for protective hose PA12AD285 10,30,1,00100.0567
Hose holder for Rolliner NG and PA12AD285 10,30,1,00140.115
Connector Rolliner NG ENG20S 10,30,1,00160.04114
Strain relief for Rolliner NG RES20 10,30,1,00170.15141
Rolliner NG 10,30,1,01000.151146