Rolliner XL2 - up to 4 mm wire diameter and no tools needed for assembling

Rolliner XL2 is the continuation of the roll-guided wire feed hose, which has been successful for 10 years, with significant improvements. The individual elements contain a pair of rollers and are connected to one another via joints. Each element is turned by 90 ° to the adjacent element, whereby the welding wire is guided entirely by rollers. As a result, the friction is significantly reduced in comparison to conventional wire guide hoses. Between the individual pairs of rollers there is a conical guide, which during threading leads the wire to the next pair of rollers, thus ensuring trouble-free threading over narrow radii.

Effortless threading by means of a patented, conical guide of the wire from roller pair to roller pair!

  • Due to its low friction, Rolliner XL2 allows significantly longer wire runs between the pay-off pack and the wire feeder. In many cases it is possible to avoid additional drives.
  • Rolliner XL2 is not a wearing part and is maintenance-free for several years. The welding process becomes more stable as less slippage occurs due to the low forces in the wire transport system.
  • Rolliner XL2 can be shortened or extended without tools.

Technical data

Length Any - maximum length of conduit 25 m, can be extended with hose connector
Outside diameter 42,5 mm (55 mm at the connectors)
Bending radius Minimum 150 mm at wire threading and during operation
Maximum wire diameter 4 mm
Conveyable alloys All material types can be transported by Rolliner XL (round wires), ie steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc.
Maximum wire feed speed 30 meters per minute
Weight per meter 500 grams
Wire temperature Maximum 40° Celsius
Coefficient of friction 0,08


The inlets and outlets of the Rolliner XL2 have a 1/4 "internal thread and a 1/2" external thread. As a result, the CRNG20 or CRNG40 quick couplings can be used.

Wire end controlsdrum connectors and decoiling aids can be easily used.


  • Insert elements into protective hose
  • Insert the holding clips at the inlet and outlet
  • Connect the wire inlet and outlet 

When inserting the housings into the protective sleeve, observe the directional arrows printed on the housings.

Wall mount Rolliner XL2

Reference table

DesignationItem numberWeight [kg]Qty in stock
Connector wire inlet Rolliner XL2 with retaining clip 10,20,2,00010.142
Connector wire outlet Rolliner XL2 with retaining clip 10,20,2,00020.115
Retaining clip Rolliner XL2 10,20,2,00030.0426
Wall bracket for Rolliner XL2 10,20,2,0005067
Rolliner XL2 with conduit PA12 10,20,2,01000.5771
Hose holder for Rolliner XL2 and PA12AD425 10,30,1,00230.14
Connector conduit PA12 Rolliner XL2 10,30,3,00040.0322