End of wire clearly detected

For the detection of the wire end a non-contact sensor is available. The proximity switch is closed when welding wire is available. The operating voltage is 24 volts. Included is the power cable (10m), the sensor block and the proximity switch. The terminal block on the inlet side has a 1/4" male thread (connection to drum connector AER-201 or decoiling aid ASH-81) and the outlet side a 1/4" female thread and a 1/2" male thread (connection to the conduit).

Universal drum trolley with wire sensor

Reference table

DesignationItem numberWeight [kg]Qty in stock
Sensor with power cable SMA-2 10,10,7,00010.0523
Cable for sensor 10 m 10,10,7,00030.050
Sensor inductive 10,10,7,00040.050
Wire end sensor block DES-2 10,10,7,00050.0381