• Metal surcharges

    Actual surcharges for our filler wires.

  • Media

    Brochures and certificates for download

  • Contact

    Contact form, a map with our location and pictures and details of your contact persons

  • Welding calculators

    Useful calculators for Schaeffler diagrams, De Long diagram, WRC diagram, Carbon equivalent calculator, calculators for preheat temperature, cooling rate, heat input, cost of welds, cross section, dew point and wire length.

  • Welding of aluminium

    Application reference to gas shielded arc welding of Aluminium and information regarding oxide layer, solubility of hydrogen, surface treatment prior to welding, condensation, joint preparation, MIG-welding, wire feeding, arc ignition, end crater filling, black deposit, special attention, preheating and intermediate pass temperature, anodizing, common welding defects and how to avoid

  • Arc brazing

    General classification of arc brazing and informations about GMA-brazing, TIG-brazing, plasma brazing, materials, joint design, occupational health, laser beam brazing

  • Welding of stainless steel

    Information about shielding gases, tackwelding, root protection

  • Storage regulations

    Informations about the correct storage of filler wires and rods